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AI and advanced aerial data analytics to provide precise digital forest management information.

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SKYLAB develops and applies deep learning and advanced aerial data analytics for fully digitalised forest management. From seedling survival and weed monitoring to full timber and carbon stock inventories, harvest and forest health monitoring.

Our #forestai provides fully automated tools for simple data upload and fast turnaround of results. Or we accompany you on your journey towards full digitalization of forest assets – every step of the way.

 Save time and costs, get more details faster and covering 100% of your stands. For better, more efficient and targeted forest management with #precisionforestry made in Germany - worldwide.


How it Works.



We analyse satellite, plane and drone data and are capable of processing normal colour RGB, multispectral, hyperspectral or LiDAR data – selecting the most efficient data source for the task at hand.

Fly your own drone, use a service provider to collect your drone data or ask SKYLAB for support – get in-depth advice and even flight training and mission planning support from us. Drones fly mostly autonomously, capture several hundred hectares of image data per day and are super-easy to handle.

Image quality is of high importance for accurate analysis results. For best data quality of drone and plane flights we help to design the right flight settings and select the suitable hardware. Talk to us for recommendations on how and what to fly.



Upload your data to the SKYLABcloud and we take care of the rest.


Or we assist you in finding the right data source for your request and make sure to get it.

Talk to us about your goals and challenges: quantify seedling survival, vitality and weed pressure? Monitor forest health and change? Analyse tree densities and height statistics? Or even develop full digital inventories for timber or carbon stock?

After having obtained the right data, we conduct a standard quality check and then apply the most suitable processing from our toolbox for optimum results.



We combine advanced data analytics and highly trained deep learning with our thorough understanding of forest management.


The resulting data and detailed maps are geared towards direct and practical application in your day-to-day forest management practice. The results are made available via the SKYLABmaps web-based platform (where you can edit, share and download the information) as well as vectorized datafiles for easy integration into your GIS tools. You can also view the results on your mobile device anywhere in the field.

We are happy to help you make the most of the results by assisting you with the integration into your management system as well as with the further interpretation of the results to achieve your desired objective.

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