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Change Monitor.

Get a full overview of forest health and changes over small or large areas. The Change Monitor analyses drone, plane or satellite data for immediate and up-to-date information on the state of your forests.

Changes to forests caused by drought, storm, disease or illegal logging need to be detected and located quickly to react in time to restore timber value or stop further negative change.


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SKYLAB Change Monitor

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Your Benefits and Savings

No more terrestrial sampling. 100% coverage of your area.


Quarterly, monthly or weekly updates possible - the (cloudy) sky is our only limit! Low costs through fully-automated workflows – just tell us where and when to look and we’ll take care of the rest!


Output maps can be viewed in a browser for easy access and editing in the office, or in our mobile App in the field, even without any GIS knowledge.

Kirikopuni harvest montoring.png
Stress and Disease

Get one-off or regular updates showing canopy loss and tree damage or death caused by drought, insects or disease.


Our analysis will highlight hotspots and quantify decay. In high-resolution plane or drone data even individual damaged trees will be identified and counted.

Results will be delivered in easy-to-use grid maps, as well as georeferenced tree and hotspot locations.

Change Assessment

Sudden or gradual changes in canopy cover can be detected, for example following fires, storms, illegal logging or slow forest decay and tree death.

Using time-series assessments from several flights or from satellite archive data, negative changes can be localised and quantified.

No terrestrial sampling required.

This could also be a critical part of a due diligence process to compare actual forest cover and condition with sellers' claims.

Harvest Monitoring

Regular harvest progress monitoring in the field is time consuming and sometimes only partially accurate. It is hard to get a status report of all harvesting sites at one particular point in time.


We use 3m-resolution Planetscope satellite data to give you regular updates – provided there are no clouds in the way.


Our fully-automated satellite data streaming and processing delivers regular change maps to monitor your harvesting progress. Get weekly or monthly maps quantifying exactly the total area harvested per location, as well as the change since the last assessment.


If you have fully-digitalised forest inventories, the stand or compartment-specific stock information can be linked to the harvest assessment to provide you with estimates of harvested and remaining timber volume.

Dead trees france_drone vs. sat.png
Acacia canopy loss.png


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