Digital Forester.

Digital Forester means full digitalisation of the way you analyse and manage your forest assets. It doesn‘t happen with the flick of a switch. It is a process. Consider it a journey on which we will accompany you with our expertise and superior analytic toolsets for optimum results.

The Digital Forester is a combination of the most advanced data analytics and modeling tools. We use Photogrammetry or Laserscanning data to generate 3D forestry models to extract tree heights and structural information.


Now you can achieve better stratification and take targeted action. Make sampling more efficient and achieve significant reduction over time. Combine sampling information with structural information to let our #forestai provide you with precise and comprehensive maps of timber volume, growth dynamics and carbon stock.

Ortho vs. THM.png
Precision Maps

High resolution Orthophoto gives good first overview.

Tree Height Model shows detailed height distribution and makes variations easily visible.


Height Statistics summarise the distribution mean and top heights in detailed grid cell maps.


Stocking Density maps show the distribution of tree density in detailed maps across the entire stand.


Timber Volume or Carbon Stock inventory is derived by feeding 3D structural information and some terrestrial sampling into our advanced AI to generate maps showing the volume in each grid cell.

Tree Health
3D Tree Height Model

Aerial images give a good first overview. But they don‘t reveal the details.


3D structural information can be derived from images or from laserscan data. The resulting Tree Height Model provides very detailed insights into the forest structure, shows height variations, gaps and growth dynamics.


Use this information for better stratification, optimised sampling, height statistics, time series monitoring showing growth increments and for precise thinning or harvest planning.

map stack.png
Tree Health.

Combine tree count with tree health assessment.


Individual trees  that are in a state of decay or dying, even if the crown is only partially affected, can  be detected, marked, classified and counted.


Get detailed and comprehensive gridmaps for immediate identifcation of problem areas.


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