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New collaboration with Australian Technical Forestry Services

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

We are proud to announce our professional collaboration with TECHNICAL FORESTRY SERVICES P/L (TFS) who have been servicing the Australian Forest Industry for nearly 20 years.

The aim is to provide an even broader range of services and a local point of expert contact for our customers down under while remaining fully independent. Contact can still be made with SKYLAB directly as well as via TFS.

Clive Woolridge (Managing Director) and Nick Martyn (General Manager) at TFS said that “SKYLAB’s offering is very complementary to the in-depth and on the ground expertise that TFS is already providing. Their seedling survival assessments, tree counter and aerial or satellite-based health monitoring technologies outperform what we have seen in the Australian market so far.”

TFS has offices in Tasmania and South Australia (Green Triangle) and will shortly be opening new offices in New South Wales (NSW), Queensland and New Zealand.

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