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How Remote-sensing and forestAI support forest inventory...

and deliver detailed and up-to-date maps on the state of your forest - over 100% of the area!

A complete canopy or tree height model, derived from laserscanning (LiDAR) or Photogrammetry is used to derive mean and top heights per stand, and even shows nuanced variations in height across stands and the entire estate. This saves a lot of time and costs in terrestrial sampling, while giving a much more comprehensive overview.

High resolution satellite imagery from Planet is used to analyse vitality and changes in canopy cover. Changing climatic conditions mean faster and more severe negative changes. Damaged or lost areas of as little as 0.05ha are precisely detected and measured.

If you combine the two, your next inventory can be planned in detail from your desktop, meaning you only go where representative samples for inventories are useful and necessary and/or where significant changes have occurred.

Combine the three: tree height model, change analysis and efficiently targeted terrestrial samples, feed it through the SKYLAB #forestAI #cloud engine and you can derive a fully comprehensive, up-to-date inventory. For better planning and more informed management decisions.

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