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How to save a lot of time by eliminating terrestrial sampling in seedling and tree counting?

Updated: Apr 27

Forest managers from all over the world frequently express their concern about the limited information they have about their forests, given the low percentage of area covered by their ground cruises. In many cases, these samples do not cover even 5% of the total area and result in under or over-estimations of the actual stocking density.

Knowing 100% of your forest means you know exactly when, where and how to act, which reduces your workload and requires less mechanical effort and chemical input.

SKYLAB's technology allows you to see 100% of your plantation. With our excellent #ForestAI, we can completely eliminate sampling in seedling and tree counting, meaning that you save a lot of time which can be much better spent on managing your forest and making qualitative decisions. We have trained our algorithms on millions of trees and seedlings from all over the world, honing the best artificial intelligence in the forestry sector.

We work with data from drones, airplanes and satellites, taking your knowledge of your forest to another level. At very low prices, our real “precision forestry" allows you to save time, maximize productivity and reduce your costs.

So, in summary:

  • Standard accuracy of >95%!

  • Count seedlings, map weeds and assess plant vitality

  • No need for terrestrial sampling!

  • We analyze 100% of the plantation - so that you don't miss any areas of planting failure.

  • Using machine learning and AI we have reached a 95% level of automation, meaning that results are quick and inexpensive

  • Costing you less than the price of 2 seedlings

Would you like to see how we do it in real time? Book a FREE CONSULTATION here.

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