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Seedling Counter.

Seedling Counter analyses your drone images, automatically counts all seedlings and differentiates them from weeds and other features. You will get colour-coded digital grid maps showing seedling and weed density. If seedlings are large enough, we can also assess their relative vitality. 

Seedling Density.png
Seedling example_vitality.jpg
Your Benefits and Savings

Detailed grid maps show the seedling density for each grid cell across the entire stand. We can also provide additional maps quantifying weed densities and, in many cases, the relative seedling vitality across the entire stand.

No terrestrial sampling is required.

Our analysis covers 100% of each stand, so you will never miss a plantation failure again. Take swift and targeted action exactly where it is needed.

Clear and easy-to-use digital maps direct foresters to specific locations within the field, for example if seedlings need to be re-planted. 


Once we have trained a model for your stands, at least 95% of seedlings visible in the aerial data will be successfully identified and counted. Precise differentiation of seedlings from surrounding weeds and other features. The inherent uncertainty of spot sampling is massively reduced since we analyse 100% of your plantation.

Data quality is crucial! But you don't need to buy expensive equipment to achieve excellent results: for example, the DJI Mavic Pro 2 is an inexpensive, simple and efficient tool for capturing top-quality data. There is no need for multispectral data.

Maximise your starting stock to achieve optimum yields and ROI – No more ‘dead capital’ from underperforming hectares - Improve quality and vitality - Digital maps provide clear evidence for success-based planting payments.

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Test our Seedling Counter 90%-Accuracy-Guarantee

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