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Tree Counter.

The Tree Counter processes and analyses drone or plane image data, and automatically identifies and counts all trees in a stand. Get detailed stocking maps to see growth variations, carry out due diligence assessments, identify performance problems and plan thinning or harvesting operations.

Individual tree ID enables lifetime tracking of trees through to harvest.


You can also get detailed information on forest health and identify individual trees affected by drought or disease, as well as detect problem hotspots across larger estates.


Learn more about the Tree Counter with our video:

Tree count IFS North block density.png
Tree Health

Combine the tree count with an assessment of the stand vitality. 


Individual trees that are dead or dying (even in cases where the crown is only partially affected), can  be detected, marked, classified and counted.


Get detailed and comprehensive grid maps for immediate identification of problem areas.

Your Benefits and Savings

No terrestrial sampling is required and you get data over 100% of the stand.


Identify over/under-stocked and underperforming areas to act and improve forest productivity and estimate future yields. Use maps as a basis for thinning prescription management, stand stratification or even quality control of subcontractors' work.

Clear and easy-to-use density maps, accessible by browser and App without specific GIS knowledge. All maps will also be provided as fully georeferenced shapefiles.


Once we have trained our model, >95% of trees visible in the data will be identified and counted. The uncertainty of spot sampling is massively reduced because we analyse 100% of your forest.


The image data can be collected by drone or plane.

Give ID to each tree for precise tracking through to harvest.


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